Slide Slide has numerous advantages over ordinary construction

Cost efficiency


Time Saving
Light Steel Framing
Slide Large span steel trusses are an efficient alternative for the construction of buildings which would usually require costly timber roof trusses or structural steel in wider buildings. Large Span Trusses Slide We design, manufacture, supply and install light steel framing and roof trusses, including components and accessories for assembling a complete light steel structure. Residential Solutions Slide A sustainable housing solution that is not only affordable but can also be assembled within hours. It can be used as a temporary or emergency housing solution. Low Cost Housing

Leaders in the Manufacturing of Light Steel Frames

Advantages of Light Steel Frame Construction


  • Lower Transport Cost
  • Limited Wastage: Only 2% On-Site Wastage
  • (Conventional Building Methods= 30%)
  • Lower labour cost:
    • 50% labour compliment of conventional building method.


  • Highest Strength-to-Weight Ratio of any Building Material
  • Stronger than Bricks & Mortar
  • Dimensionally Stable: Does not Expand or Contract with Moisture Content
  • 100 Year Durability


  • Architecturally Attractive
  • Flexible Application: Any Shape & Design
  • Designed to Architect Specifications & Engineering Standards
  • Reduced Foundation Footings & Base Plate Sizes
  • Reduced Foundation Requirements:
    • 10 x Lighter Structure
    • Less Probability of Weather I Wind & Earthquake Damage


  • International Product of World Class Standards
  • 50 Years Material Warranty
  • Consistent Material Quality:
    • No Regional Variations
    • Produced in Strict Accordance with National Standards
  • Factory Precision
  • Straight Walls & Square Corners Guaranteed


  • Will Not Rot, Swell, Warp, Split, Crack or Creep.
  • Invulnerable to Termites, Fungi, Mould & Other Organisms
  • Incombustible: Does Not Burn & Does Not Contribute Fuel to Spread Fires
  • Not Affected by Weather Conditions
  • Superior Thermal & Acoustic Insulation:
    • 5x Better than Brick & Mortar
    • Free of Resin Adhesives & Other Chemicals
  • No Cracks or Structural Failures
  • No Rust
  • Ventilation on Moisture Rising


  • Quick Assembly:
    • 50% Faster than Brick Building
    • Shorter & Predictable Construction Schedules
  • Superior Building Accuracy
  • Easier Plumbing & Electrical Installation
  • Better Utilisation of Sloping Sites
  • Less Weight Impact
  • Clean, Safe & Tidy Building Site


  • Earlier Occupation for Customers:
    • Earning Additional Rental Income.
    • Reduced Interest Period on Bond Accounts.
  • 4% More Lettable Rental Area
  • Internal Space Increase
  • Up to 40% Saving on Electricity due to Superior Insulation
  • Safer: Two Hour Fire Walls

Green Product

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Green Product I Building Methods & Processes
  • 80% Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Most Recyclable Product on the Planet:
    • 68% Industry Recycling Rate

We believe that our success is entirely dependent
on how successful we can make our clients.

Products & Services

This type of construction offers a number of advantages over conventional construction, including time saving, cost-efficiency and accuracy.
Uses range from load-bearing wall structures in commercial and residential applications to decorative facades and curtain walls in commercial and high density residential structures.

C Steel offers a CAD design service for light steel framing, roof structures and our modular solutions.
Where clients are not well versed in the use of light steel framing, C Steel could on their behalf inspect the installation and comment on the technicalities of the design and erection process.

We are able to supply a complete roofing solution from steel trusses to roof sheeting or tiles to meet your specific requirements. This includes RDP, affordable housing, high end residential homes & expansive large span roofs.
All C Steel trusses are manufactured according to the SABS specifications SANS 10161-2 and our framing products and roof trusses are all made from materials that comply with the SANS 517 standard.

C Steel is focused on skills development.
In order to add value to the industry over and above the various building systems that we manufacture and supply, C Steel offers training to building contractors and their staff on the applications, assembly and erection of its Light Steel Frame Building Systems.
This ensures that C Steel’s different systems are utilised to maximum effect.

About Us

We are a specialist designer and manufacturer of alternative building solutions, namely, Light Steel Frame Structures and Roof trusses and provide these alternative building solutions for the construction industry.

The company was founded in 2016 and has fast become a leader in this field.

All CSteel trusses are manufactured according to the South African Bureau of Standards’ specifications SANS 10161-2 and our framing products and roof trusses are all made from materials that comply with the SANS 517 standard.